5 Reasons To Have High Quality Graphic Design

Graphic Design  Affects Peoples View of Your Brand

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Graphic design can be a vital component of all web design and development work.

It can incorporate everything from logo design, to layout of your website, to the colours that are used, to the pictures and photos and your videos.

Graphic design has been an important part of business promotions and advertising covering printing, newspapers, yellow pages and television ads for more than 100 years.

Much of the history of graphic design involves design of advertisements stretching back to newspapers to promote books, products and services.

A lot of the first graphic design were just black and white drawings.  A great graphic design artist could tell a lot with drawings in the adverts.

Graphic design applies to anything that is visual including manuals, roadsigns roadsigns, creating logos presentations, television advertisements, newspaper advertisements.

Graphic design started its life as people using paper pencils as being the most basic graphic design tools some of which are still you can use today.

What many people did over the years using paper or boards has mostly move to graphic design developed on computer software.  The process is quicker and easier and it works better with the high resolutions now becoming commonplace.

It also helps businesses get their message out faster.

1. Designs have to be affordable

If the cost to design a new logo or website template or business card cost you an arm and a leg then you are going to stop and move on to another designer or not go ahead.

2. Creative with Business Knowledge

Great designers aren't just good with colours, light and shade, they have to understand what your business brand is telling your prospects.  They need to be able to combine all those elements and present a range of ideas.

3. Revisions are Crucial

Every design needs tweaking. It can be subtle or it can be major. That's because the design has to fit with you ideas on how that design talks to your prospects. What it adds to their perception of your business.

4. Will the Design Drive Sales?

Many people put more time into their logo, business card, letterhead and brochures than they do into their marketing message. The last thing a prospect will be thinking of is "I'll buy from you because of I like your logo."  Coupled with the right marketing message to the right market, your logo, your website layout, printed or digital brochures should enhance your marketing message.

5. Consistent and Thorough Design

It is easy to get bored with the same look and design in your marketing. After all you see it every day but your prospects are often seeing you for the first or maybe second time. And if they keep engaging with you and converting into customers then don't change a thing. Just make sure your design, logo and look are consistent on every area of your marketing whether that is online or in print.

All you need is some ideas or thoughts to bring to your meeting to get started on the design that is brilliant for your business.

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