Business Reputation

What is your business’ reputation worth?

Is it worth much? I bet it’s worth your entire business sales and profits.

It used to be called word of mouth.  If you liked a business, you told your family and friends.  If you didn’t like a business you told everyone who would listen to you.

There were statistics going back many years that a customer would tell 9 other people if they were happy with your business compared to 27 people if they weren’t happy.

Up until recently, you had no way of knowing what your customers thought or said about you.  As most businesses don’t ask for testimonials or survey their customers, they never find out what they are really thinking.

Today, most businesses still don’t know what customers are saying about them.

And most of it is readily available.

The Internet is littered with review sites.  Anybody can now write a review of your business and say anything about it, whether its true of not.

So many customers now look at sites to check if there are any reviews. Negative reviews can kill any customers enthusiasm to buy from you.  These types of reviews can be damaging your business, without you even being aware.

Your competitors could even be writing bad reviews, an ex employee could be doing the same.

So how do you turn those reviews around to positive ones.  There are various strategies we work with you to create that will turn any negative review situation around.

It doesn’t have to be only negative reviews you are combating.  It could just be building a good range of reviews from your customers to show future customers why your current customers think your business is so good.  Positive reinforcement is massive in helping customers decide between you and a competitor.

Call us today to discuss how we can help you manage your business reputation and put you well ahead of your competitors.

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