Create and Build

Create and Build





Your reputation is the foundation of your business. We help you build your online reputation the right way with real customers and real reviews. This foundation then supports your growing business and client relationships.

We create a customised Feedback page just for your business where your customers can leave their feedback and then choose between 3 specific directory review sites to post.   We also provide the material to contact past satisfied customers to get reviews along with a media centre for your reputation marketing materials.

We also give you the use of surveys.  For example, “How did you hear about us?”, “Who was your salesperson?”, “What did are your thoughts on our new customer service site?”.  These questions can range from being open-ended (comments to essays) to closed-ended (yes/no, multiple choice, rating scale, etc).

To help you achieve this, we provide you with the following

  • Personalised feedback pages
  • Materials to contact past satisfied customers
  • Media centre for marketing materials
  • Feedback Surveys

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