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​Not enough Leads

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​It is easy to pass off website design as ​just for branding or as a brochure that ​visitors will come back to when they ​want to buy.

​The reality is that ​website visitors get quickly and easily distracted.

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​​Not enough Sales

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​Before sales you need a phone call, an email or a personal visit to your business from a potential customer.

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​Website ​doesn't rank on Google

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​Website design like fashion changes regularly and there are often claims the latest look will attract the buyers. 

​Serious visitors are only looking for one thing. Can you solve their problem?

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Step 3. ​Turn Your Website Into a Sales Factory!

​Warren Granger - Founder and Owner of Local Media Marketing

When it comes to websites and how they are designed, so many business owners ​in ​Abbotsford and across Melbourne ​have highlighted the problems they have when searching for a business to buy from in order to solve their problem.  And yet the design of their own business website ​makes almost all of the same mistakes that they experience frustration.

​They click on a link from Google about a specific subject and find themselves on the website's homepage with no idea of direction where to go next.  The menu at the top of the page has a whole heap of options but often times nothing seems to fit.

They scroll down and find lots of pictures and words claiming how great the business is but nothing about the problem they want to solve.  ​And just as importantly how they can solve it.

​How to drive your potential customers away

That's like handing you a glossy brochure when you arrive at the front door to the business and told to read through it and when you have chosen a product or service then come to the counter and we'll sell it to you.

The other big problem is the popup wanting you to join their mailing list or so you can find out about the next big, exciting thing they want to sell you.

Isn't that a bit like walking into a business and immediately being given a clipboard, form and pen and asked to put your details on the form before the business has even asked you one question about the problem you are there to solve.

And what do you do when confronted with either of these in person?  You ​make an excuse to leave and you will never return.

And yet that what 99% of business websites, whether small, medium or large do every day.

Why cause so much confusion for your customer?

You throw information at them and expect them to sift through it all.  Or you ask them to trust you with your information before you have earned any trust.

And business owners wonder why all the traffic sent to their website ​generates little or no enquiries, much less sales and almost no form sign ups.  And when ​people do sign up, the unsubscribe rate is 80% to 90% after the first one or two emails.

​This shows that websites are being built only with a ​main focus on design and only putting the most basic information in order to be all things to all people.

Your most powerful marketing tool

Your website is the most powerful marketing tool you have on the Internet.

It is also the only marketing tool you have 100% control over.  Every other marketing site you use online is controlled by ​another company.

​Having no control of any other site can lead to you being ​forced to remove or replace information or having onerous restrictions placed on how you use the site or platform.

It's a bit like leasing a building, store, office and being told once you have established your business they want to rent to another type of business, they restrict the hours you can open or they keep putting up the rent by exorbitant amounts because they want you out and someone else to replace you.  

​All these things that are outside your control.

You must have 100% control

So when it comes to managing, marketing and maintaining your online presence having full control is crucial to your ongoing success, reputation and authority.

And that's where we ​help you and other business owners.  

Ask yourself these questions...

​What do you want to achieve.

1. Get more visitors to your​ Abbotsford ​or​ Melbourne website

2. More people to tell you how great your website looks

3. Get more phone calls

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​To your business success,

Warren Granger