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April 4, 2012

Your Business Reputation is Everything

Online reviews can be great value or do damage  to your business.

The anonymity the Internet can provide means that people who don’t like you can write reviews that are damaging to you business and reputation. And there is very little you can do to stop them.

There is legal action going on at the moment that may change the in the future.  We’ll have to wait and see how it pans out.

Even if a customer wrote a legitimate review on how they were treated.  How would you know about it?

The advantage with online word of mouth is you can monitor what people are writing about you.  There are ways to keep track of the good and bad things written about you or your business.  Monitoring is one thing. Managing those reviews is another.

How do you get rid of them?

Do you respond to each one?

How do you get positive reviews?

It needs to be managed like any other business system you have to earn an income.  It must be part of your marketing strategy.

Give customers every opportunity to write a review for you.  Show them how easy it can be to add one to your Google Places or to an online local directory.

The way it works, if customers keep writing good reviews and somebody decides to really bag you, then it won’t take too long for their bad review to be pushed down from the top of the list.  And when people scroll down, they might see one bad review but see dozens of great reviews before and after.

It’s a system that can be set up on a computer or a mobile phone or tablet.  There are effective ways to use reviews to really build a great business reputation.  If you need any help building positive reviews from your customers call me today.

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Warren Granger founded Local Media Marketing with the sole aim to increase client's business bottom line using customer focused websites and SEO that uses Google to rank and be found online. The bottom line or net profit is the key to driving the growth of every small or medium sized business.

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