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Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a system aimed at increasing the ranking and visibility of your website's pages in a search engine with the aim of generating enquiries, phone calls and sales.

SEO is often talked about as search engine marketing (SEM).

There are two areas of SEO that you should take advantage.

  • On Page SEO
  • Off Page SEO

On Page SEO

This focuses only on how you optimise each of your website pages. Optimising each page is only to tell Google and other search engines exactly what each page is about.

You should develop your on page descriptions and keywords, sometimes called metadata, that relate only to your individual web page products or services. That metadata you include on each page can have a huge impact on how Google will crawls the page, indexes the pages and then displays it for any search queries.

You should also include structured data or Schema for each page. Schema is now a major necessity and can set your website pages miles apart from any of your competitors.  Why?

Because your competitors either are not using any Schema or if they are using structured data it will often be only on the home page and with their basic business name information.

Your on page SEO must be accurate and up to date because when you have off page seo sending visitors to a page and those visitors land on that page and find it doesn't match the link, people will leave the site quickly (bounce) and Google will look at the number of bounces and it could stop that page from being shown again.

Off Page SEO

Off page SEO is all about search engine optimsation designed to send relevant links and other signals to your web pages from other websites.

The goal with off page SEO is to have people online talking about your web pages both with comments and with clickable links to drive the relevance of products and services pages on your website. This is so Google will rank your business above your competitors so you get the majority of the phone calls and enquiries.

Tied in with your business brand, SEO can drive your sales and profits by generating enquiries


When people search for your products or services they use one, two or more keywords. Many time Google provides suggestions based on what other people search for and what you searched for last time.

You need to be sure your website can be found for many, if not all, of those keywords and combinations of keywords.

Sometimes Google works out the combinations over time, but for many of them you have to find a way to tell Google exactly which keywords relate to your business and the customers who buy from you.

There are ways you can tell Google, none of which I can tell you here.


Backlinks work in a similar way to popularity votes.  How many votes/backlinks you get from trusted sources compared to your competitors can leapfrog you ahead of the rest. But sometimes it doesn't leapfrog you anywhere up the rankings.

Backlinks aren't usually the total answer on their own. Too many SEO companies just throw a bunch of backlinks to websites without any care about the trust of that source of backlinks or whether those links are relevant to your products and services.

For example. Imagine your landscaping business has an seo company building backlinks from websites that are very general or talk only about medicine or clothes or some other unrelated subjects. None of the websites are relevant to landscaping and therefore Google will see that as nothing more than an attempt to game the system.  And those links will probably be ignored.

Backlinks from trusted websites that are actually relevant to your products and services combined with your brand/entity will have a better chance with Google.

Nothing is every guaranteed with how Google will see and rank a business in each industry and location.

Many Factors Affecting Your Ranking and Potential Profits

There are a range of factors that affect search engine optimisation to drive ranking or indexing of webpages. And there is no specific formula to help you achieve that.

Bear in mind that Google ranks webpages and not websites. Plus you should never send all traffic to your home page.

All traffic should be sent to the specific product or service pages to match their Google search. Thats how relevance is built and it also means you can more effective measure the visits to each page.

Whilst there are a lot of supposed "gurus" out there who have theories and ideas about what will work. The vast majority of businesses like ours have tested and continue to test what builds the authority and trustworthiness of your website and web pages.

The jargon surrounding search engine optimisation or search engine marketing is often there to create confusion so seo consultants can present themselves as experts when in real fact for the vast majority of small to medium size businesses the approach taken by most SEO Agencies produces little or no substantive results in either page ranking or in generating new customers with actual sales hitting your bank account.

87% of Shoppers Search Online First

With 87% of all shoppers searching online before they decide to buy, the importance of your seo strategy that places your website in front of those buyers when they need it is critical.

It doesn't matter whether you run a local bricks and mortar store, cover an entire state or the whole country, if your search engine optimisation does not allow your business website to appear on a Google search at that time you will miss out on all those potential sales.

When you look closer at the online searches you see that mobile internet searches play a massive role with 71% of people searching online from their mobile devices.

This is often because I see a companies are doing things As cheaply as possible because this concept of I only want to spend $100 or a couple hundred dollars a month to help drive my online marketing is a fallacy that only flushes your money down the toilet.

So many businesses get burnt by people claiming to be able to rank them for a one or two particular keywords only to find that they have rank them from keyword that is called a long tail and which has no buyers intent and represents virtually no search volume from consumers.

SEO is usually seen as an off page strategy when in fact it must include on site optimisation if your website.

Consider for a moment if we drive constantly links to your homepage that talked about read widgets but your homepage did not mention anything about widgets or red widgets then there would be no relevance between the link and the page and therefore regardless of how many links you had directed to the homepage for red widgets the search engines will just ignore everything that you did.

And that is exactly the approach that the vast majority of the SCO company’s claim they can do to get your business website to the top pages of the search engines.

It makes no account of the website that you have all the site structure and for the vast majority of business owners the site structure just require revolves around a few pages on the website with minimal information no keywords no matter data no descriptions and nothing to compare it against your competitors.

You need to understand that any search engine optimisation must first achieve one thing.

It must be relevant to the webpage on your website in every respect they should be no ambiguity about the link the information on that link where it’s come from and the page on your website.

Secondly it has to come not just as a single link from our website that nobody visits nobody is interested in anything at self has no authority online at all because it’s not going to be counted as a valuable viable link by the search engines. Once again they will just ignore it.

Some things for you to consider.

Search engines rank only relevant web pages

Your businesses brand is an important aspect of your authority online

There must be activity from the links or other structures to your website where action is actually taken to fill in a form to make a call To watch a video in full or listen to an audio podcast in full.

The content that your visitors read on your website must be reinforced to remove all ambiguity using structured data or schema

When we refer to activity this can also mean traffic to your website. Once again traffic and visitors to your website must be relevant so that they stay on your website for more than 90 seconds and don’t dance.

Regular analysis of your website traffic and where it is come from will give you some incredibly valuable insight into where the people are staying for very long on a specific page or leaving quickly or going to a second page to find what they need.

If you are receiving regularly and consistently good traffic from specific referral website through specific links to your webpages then it will demonstrate that these are the areas you should be fine tuning your marketing branding and SCO strategy and not just taking a shotgun approach and hoping that everything will just work out for you.

 SEO is not a marketing strategy, let’s be very plain about it it is a mathematical approach to generating traffic that is relevant to your website so that you can demonstrate your trustworthiness in being able to provide the services to solve the problems that visitors are looking for.

Almost nobody searches on Google for Qantas or Facebook or Nike or any similar brand names.

The reason is that these brands have such high authority that people don’t need to do a search for them I just type in their name and it will bring up usually exactly what you need.

And that’s where your business should be aiming. Not being another veterinary clinic or another footwear supplier or another landscaper or just another plumber.

You should want your business brand/name to be associated with your core products or services in such a way that people automatically know you’re the authority in your area your industry and that Google knows and I dental fired as you as the authority.

And that means that people start to Type your name into a browser Firefox or chrome that Google will automatically fill in the blanks with their auto suggest because they will know exactly that it is your business that person wants.

From that point on your business is elevated from Jess being another business in your industry to the expert, the authority and that intern will drive up the number of visitors to your website, the number of clicks that you get to call you the number of emails that arrive and the ranking on Google that will just continually feed it self the good stuff.

And that’s what search engine optimisation should be all about.

Sadly for most small to medium size businesses it’s all about trying to do SCO that is the same or similar to your competitors because most SCO’s don’t understand what you need to achieve online.

Google has made it plainly clear that the semantic Web as it is called is focused on business brands or entities.

And that is what your search engine optimisation will be working towards as part of how you work with us.

No throwing a bunch of cheap crappy little links to your website and find the next time the Google doesn’t update you suddenly disappear from the pages you were on and don’t know how to get back.

Our SCO barrier SCO is all about becoming the dominant business brand/entity in your industry in your suburbs or towns or cities.

 Without that dominance or authority you will continually attempt to be pushing against the tide of mediocrity SCO work. SCO work that reallyDoesn’t achieve anything with long-term viable results and every time the Google releases an update you will probably suffer will you probably already have suffered dropping in rankings phone calls stopping or reducing and inquiries disappearing faster than water draining out of your bath when the bath plug is pulled out.

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