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April 8, 2012

Mobile Marketing without Google

For the last few years, we have seen the emphasis on marketing using search engines, especially Google.

As a result, most of the marketing that is talked about and pushed to businesses is about getting onto page 1 of Google.  Something that should still be part of your business’ marketing strategy.

But not the only thing.  Marketing should never only be about getting new customers.  If businesses relied only on getting new customers, most of them would go out of business very quickly.

Repeat customers keeps the doors open. They pay the bills, the loans and the employees. Getting customers back to buy again and again should be the main source of every business marketing plan.

Mobile marketing is ideal to manage, measure and monitor.  And Google is almost nowhere to be seen.

Mobile websites, QR Codes, text messaging, mobile apps, coupons, keywords are all ways to build a database of customers and keep them coming back to buy from you.

Or to stop money leaking from the business with appointment reminders.  People break appointments every day for the dentist, hairdressers etc.  In the past, if an appointment was broken you were left with  a gap and could only fill it if someone rang at the right time. With sms messaging you can let every customer know you have a gap to fill.

You can test a campaign out that you thought about in the morning and have it send by the end of the day and test the results.  No days, weeks or months needed to book ad space.  You prepare the text ad and send it.

The possibilities are endless.  The relationship you can build with your customers is huge.  Just don’t overdo it.  If you send an sms daily, you will probably get many opting out.

For some businesses, once a week is fine, for others once a month is all that is needed.

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Warren Granger founded Local Media Marketing with the sole aim to increase client's business bottom line using customer focused websites and SEO that uses Google to rank and be found online. The bottom line or net profit is the key to driving the growth of every small or medium sized business.

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