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December 22, 2011

Mobile Search to take over by 2014

There has been talk for some time that internet search using mobile phones is set to exceed local searches made from a computer.

As reported in The Age newspaper, in the battle for mobile phones, between July-Sept 2011 65% of mobiles purchased were smartphones.

This is up from 59% at the same time last year. The battle between Android and Apple is partly driving this demand. Add this to the rising growth of tablet purchases such as the iPad and you have a rapidly growing market.

Another point that drove home the growing mobile market was APC magazines report on “Smarter Phones”.  They wrote about the new chips or processors for mobiles that will be coming out next year.  Without going into any technical details, these chips will bring with them quite literally smarter phones and almost to the point of mobile computers in their own right.

So if you’ve just got used to emailing or searching the web from time to time, you can expect your phone to be always connected, much like your home broadband connection, and be able to play movies, video games in high definition.  Your ability to use mobile search will surely take over.

The gist of this is that businesses that don’t have a website set up correctly for both computer based and mobile friendly search, they will lose business.

From 2014, if you cannot be found on the Web from a computer or from a mobile phone, your business is unlikely to survive for long.

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