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Website Development That Can Drive Your Sales And Profits Further

How Website Development Can Get You More Customers and Build More Loyalty

Web Development can be a key part of in automating a number of business processes.

There is a lot written about automation on the Internet. It doesn't matter whether it is buying, communicating, ordering or the hundreds of other repeatable processes that you don't need a person to do in your business.

Good web development can achieve many of those online processes for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Any process or business system that needs to be done online can be triggered to start and then follow a set of rules.

And this is where the investment in website development in addition to web design can set you apart from your competitors.  And isn't that where you want to be?

Imagine a quiz or questionnaire that adapted to every answer your prospect gave?

Whenever a prospect entered their name, email and phone into a form, they immediately received an SMS confirming that form fill, followed by a series of emails and the odd SMS providing a massive amount of value.

And what about automatically receiving reports on website visits, specific page visits, forms filled out, videos watched and for how long.

That information is then integrated with your sales, expenses and profits for the week, fortnight or month to show how the page visits forms, videos watched have affected the product or service sales.

And then what about the ability to schedule emails and SMS messages to customers, prospects. What about scheduling six to twelve months of website posts, sharing on your social media sites and sending those links to your customer lists.

Automating through good web development can tick off the first of three business systems your business must use to be able to grow sales.


We've just talked about how web development can drive automation to and from your website.


If you cannot automate the process or system you have to delegate it get it done. But this often creates the bottleneck in your business.


And if you cannot automate the process and you cannot delegate it, then you probably have to eliminate it. That goes with every web development process you work on.

If you have tried to automate the process and web development cannot get the result, it is often difficult to delegate it because, well, people are often lazy, forgetful and complacent.

This might not seem to be related to website development, but you will be surprised how may people want their website to function 24 hours a day but still rely on staff to monitor the forms, take the information and add to their database or import into another database or spreadsheet to go to the next step.

Good web development doesn't require you to have strong technical or programming skills.  You can find the right people to develop the automated processes, if you know where to look and the right questions to ask.

You have to know exactly what you want and have written out the step by step process.  Use one of the many mindmap sites to quickly build out each step. With mindmap, it is easy to add steps in, move the links and add descriptions of what that step has to do and what information it has to send to the next step.

You can also do mockups of the webpages prospects will visit. There is so many online, it is confusing.  Give me a call and I can show you a few that might fit your needs. This is where you can find out more about graphic design.

To your business success,

Warren Granger

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