Your Reputation

Knowing where your business reputation is online is important.

If people are searching for your name and contact information using Google or another search engine online, you can be 100% certain they will see your reputation first and will read about you before they consider contacting you.

For most business they are too busy marketing and promoting to check they have the right listings or that their customers have reviewed them. And yet that is a critical part of your marketing.

As a LinkedIn member we will prepare a report about your online reputation which will include the following.

What directories is your business listed? And are all your business details correct?

What reviews have been written about you?

Are the reviews positive or negative?

What do people see when they search for your business name plus your suburb, city or town?

Does your reputation stand out from your competitors or vice versa?

This is critical information to help you increase the conversion rate without changing any other aspects of your marketing.

A study by Harvard students, found that half a star improvement in online ratings on the directory Yelp increased a restaurants sales by 19%, without any other changes to their marketing.  While we cannot promise a 19% increase, having a reputation that stands out from your competitors is more than likely going to get them to call you first.

Complete the form below and send to us and we’ll get your report to you within 24 hours.

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